Feed your test with data

ecFeed has been created to facilitate test design and test data generation. It has simple user interface, yet offers advanced modeling capabilities and features powerful combinatorial and random data generation algorithms. As Eclipse plugin, EcFeed integrates with Java (also Android) test code and can directly execute generated tests. It can also be run as standalone application. In many aspects it beats functionality of commercially available tools, but still is free and open source.

The Learn section explains how to use ecFeed. Installation instructions and links are in the Download section.

Hierarchical tree model

Expressive yet intuitive model of test as hierarchical classification tree.

Powerful test data gererator

Generated test suites have minimal size and cover maximum of the input domain.

Coverage analysis

N-Wise coverage analysis of generated or manually created tests.

Export to custom format

Test data can be exported to any text format to be used with other test tools.

Integrated with Eclipse

Design, modelling, implementation, execution and analysis of tests can be done in one tool.

Open source

Most of the sources are publicly available as free and open software. Check it at github