GUI specification pages describe equivalence class editor implemented by ecFeed plugin.

The equivalence class editor is opened for files with *.ect extension. EcFeed models are stored in XML format.

User may configure all the editable properties of the model. The page is built using master-details pattern. The master pattern presents entire model tree, where user selects a tree element he would like to edit. The details page is loaded depending on what is selected on the master page. User may edit model by manipulating element properties on its details page.

User can undo performed operations on the model by pressing Ctrl+Z or redo undone operations by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Z (in Linux). Alternatively undo/redo actions are available in Eclipse Edit menu. In this menu, there is also a description of action which will be undone or redone e.g. Undo Add parameter, Redo Add class etc. User can perform many undo/redo operations sequentially. A sequence of undo operations will revert all changes in model until initial state – the state when model was opened.

New file wizzard.

Model viewer.

Model details page.

Class details page.

Global parameter details page.

Method details page.

Method parameter details page.

Choice details page.

Constraint details page.

Implementation status.