Using ecFeed as standalone application

Standalone application of EcFeed is a quick way to get acquainted with basic features of EcFeed. There is no need to install the software. In order to start ecFeed standalone application on Linux, just download it from the download section unpack and start using the uinstructions in the README.txt file (different for each OS). When opened for the first time, ecFeed looks like on the picture below:


To create a new file select: File -> New… on the main menu bar:


A new Untitled document will be opened.


The left panel ‘Structure’ shows a tree of nodes containing classes, methods test suites. Initialy there is only one node named Untitled1 in this case. Right click on the main node and and add classes, methods, parameters etc. The detailed instruction how to use EcFeed is in the other sections of this tutorial.

Standalone version has limited set of functions because it is not integrated with Eclipse IDE.

  • As not being a part of Eclipse IDE, the standalone version has no access to Java source code.
  • Also user can not run tests from ecFeed standalone application because they need to call compiled Java methods.

But it is possible to model tests: create test classed and methods, add parameters to methods, define constraints and test suites. It is also possible to export test cases to text files of user-defined structures.