ecFeed 1.10.1 released

New patch version is available now to download.  It introduces INSERT key shortcut to add new nodes to a model. In standalone version you do not need to specify location and name of new file when you create new model. Also the new version fixed couple of minor bugs.

The eclipse plugin can be upgraded from the “Install new software” or “Check for updates” menu, as it is shown in this tutorial . To download standalone version go to download section.

ecFeed available as standalone tool

For all of you who were finding it too difficult to install Eclipse just to try out ecFeed there is good news: you do not need to do it anymore. Our flagship tool is now available as standalone application for Windows, Linux and MacOs. It is as good as Eclipse plugin, but misses the integration with Java code.

You can download it from the download section. The basic usage is explained in the tutorial.