ecfeed 1.12.0 beta

It took a while, but here we are with a new release. It is now a beta and will become final as soon as we make sure that it is stable.

Hopefully you will like the new features:

Simplified export of generated test data to xml and cucumber’s .feature file format. With a refactored architecture it will be easy to add a new export format, so if you have a request, let us know by writing to – we may consider it.

Advanced comparisons constraints. So far in a constraint it was possible just to compare a parameter’s value to one of it’s choices. It was enough in many cases, but we found out that in many cases it is useful to make it more expressive. So now you can compare a parameter to another parameter of the same type or even to a literal. More details on how to use it will come with a tutorial in a separate post.

Check for updates. EcFeed (both plugin and a standalone version) will check our server for a new version every time it is started and notify you about a possibility to update. We will store your request (containing ip and ecFeed version number – no private data) in our database for statistical purposes. If you are not ok with that you can switch of that feature.