Installation of ecFeed as Eclipse plugin

Installation of plugin

Installation of ecFeed in the Eclipse IDE is very simple. Once you open Eclipse, go to the “Help” menu and select “Install New Software…“. In the “Work with:” text field type the address of ecFeed update site: ““. This update site contains stable releases of ecFeed plugin. For beta releases you can check the “” site, where early releases will appear. We will appreciate any feedback from users of beta releases.

Install dialog;

Once you enter the correct address of the update site, the content of list with the available software should be updated with ecFeed. Just select it and press the “Next” button twice, then accept the license (if you agree) and finally restart Eclipse. EcFeed is installed!

Updating to new version

In the menu bar, go to “Help->Check for Updates“. Eclipse will check if there is a new version of any plugin that you have installed. If there is one, Eclipse will guide you through the update process.